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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 9, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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exist, it didn't exist and your people are in the middle of it again. slogan this hour comes to us from craig in rapid city, south dakota. he says this. enrich your brain and don't be a slouch, watch "fox & friends" on the curvy couch. >> i know that drives you crazy when things happen in the news in minnesota. at least it drives some people crazy. >> the thing is it's been incredible, since you came on the show, so much revolves around minnesota. >> 10,000 stories. >> trust me, i didn't plan it. >> brian, welcome back. you did a great job down in miami. >> thank you very much. the story like no other that happened on the sidelines, excuse me, behind the scenes at "fox & friends" that will surprise you. >> it's heartbreaking. and you're right, it is surprising. >> what a tease. all right. in the meantime, we have to start with a fox news alert. more troubles for toyota. the company now recalling more than 4,000 prius and other
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hybrid vehicles worldwide because of those braking problems. the affected models are the 2010 prius gas electric hybrid and the lexus sedan. earlier the president of toyota issued another apology. >> assure everyone that we will redouble our commitment to quality as the life line of our company. together, we will do everything in our power to regain the confidence of our customers. >> this is the latest in the string of embarrassing safety problems for toyota. the company recalling more than 7 million vehicles worldwide for those floor mats and gas pedal problems. prius owners can get their cars fixed starting tomorrow. no word for u.s. customers yet. go to for the latest information. there must be a sense of urgency in dealing with iran's nuclear program. he wants the u.n. to slap new sanctions on iran in weeks
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rather than months. gates made the comments after meeting with french officials in paris. oh. i guess we're going to hear from him. but we're not. iran's ayatollah is promising to deliver a punch on thursday's anniversary of the islamic revolution in iran. no word of what the so-called punch is. but iran recently announced it's going to enrich higher level uranium. new information on the death of pennsylvania congressman jack murtha. doctors have confirmed that they accidentally sliced his intestine during gallbladder surgery leading to further complication. he died yesterday after being admitted to the hospital last week. he served 36 years in congress and was the first vietnam veteran to serve in congress and known as an advocate for the u.s. military and a staunch opponent of the iraq war. he also was damaged by ethics concerns. he was 77. michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray will return to court in april to find out the date for the next major step in the case
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of the pop singer's death. murray pleaded not guilty yesterday to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. the judge actually released him on $75,000 bond and ordered him to turn in his passport. if convicted, he could face up to four years in prison. saying good-bye hurts according to preliminary nielsen ratings, the final episode of "m-a-s-h" is kicked from the top spot as the most watched program in u.s. tv history mu. the new number one just happened. super bowl xliv. it set a ratings record topped it. it was the first sporting event to top 100 million viewers. is that just in the u.s.? >> yeah, just in the u.s. worldwide it's a lot more. it's 106 million. last year it was 92. real quick sideline story, first time this ever happened, 13
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straight years, the highly coveted chevy imala rent-a-car that we had stolen the night of the super bowl. i thought i couldn't find it. >> with all of your stuff in the trunk! >> the people at under armour if you played in the direct tv game gave you all that free under armour stuff, way more than you needed. all of it was in the car. >> what's so sad was your man bag was stolen again. >> i got that out. i said what could happen to these things? i'm going to leave the tub in the trunk but when you think about the money that you come from money, you have no sense of the dollar. but if you think about how much money a game worn brian kilmeade jersey is worth on the open market! >> i'm going to start looking at craig's list and ebay throughout the day. >> let's do the talking. >> let's start. let's talk about this later on today, president of the united states is going to sit down with g.o.p. and democrat leaders from the house and the senate.
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that whole bipartisan thing is going to happen. this is what he talked about in the state of the union and then, of course, towards the end of the month, they're going to have that health care summit with republicans and it's going to be televised and it's going to be a half day. now, here's the thing, bainor and cantor sent a letter to rahm emanuel yesterday and said, you know, unless the president actually starts over, they say we would rightly be reluctant to participate in this summit which is interesting. also, they say please do us a favor and take that whole reconciliation thing off the table. that would be a good first step towards bipartisanship. >> i understand that the republicans want to start over and start from scratch because they were basically sidelined through the whole discussion initially but i think it's going to be a huge mistake if the republicans do not show up at this thing. it's going to prove the president's point that they've basically been the party of no so they've got to show up for this thing. maybe they can get a couple of concessions. before they do that, they have a couple on the table. >> gretchen, upon further review, i'm going to quote seth
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myers from "saturday night live." why would you go and fight aquaman in the water? if you go and talk with the president in an open forum and if you go in there, you cannot come out on top. he's just too good. if you want to sit down at a table, televise this thing with everyone equal, with papers in front of you and say let's go over this. let's go over that and i go back to your point ahead of time, five specific proposals. >> sure. >> if he's not going to entertain any, five, then you're wasting your time. what he's doing is i spanked you once in your own retreat, and now i'm going to spank you again. >> i completely get that. here are some of the questions the republicans have for the president. will the president's proposals be available 72 hours beforehand? will the president include democrats who oppose the bills and will the special interest groups be included and televised as well? which is really interesting if you're going to have the lobbies
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and special interests there. that guy is from the hospital lobby and that guy is from the lawyers association. >> they better make sure they get this message out. otherwise, the message that's going to come from the mainstream media is that the republicans chose not to attend. president obama reached out to them and they chose not to. and i think that will be doom and gloom for the republicans. >> but if -- but at the same token, gretchen, if the republicans say look, we wanted to go. we wanted to have that conversation but the president was unwilling to start from scratch, he wanted it to be his way or the highway. i think that is the important message that the republicans could look forward to. >> number one, i say the most obvious thing is people would understand is tort reform. would you consider what's happening in the tort reform? the president says i'm not going to look at that. that's not going to work for us. talk about the same thing republicans say all the time. you got to be able to go cross state lines and the president says i'm not for portability, then i -- then the republicans are going to say what am i doing here except for looking bad in
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front of the most charismatic, astute person on the state of bill clinton today? >> they have to figure out a way not to be set up. >> do you remember in vietnam when we were growing up, we first did this show in black and white and film, they demanded a round table because they want people to get along. believe it or not, i think perception is if you put people around a round table with their pens in their ears and say let's get this done, i could do it. if you put the president on the stage, have little guys put their hands up and say i have an idea who aren't miked, the average american will go wow -- >> good point. that's what they did with the beer summit, remember? originally it was going to become a rectangular table and later it became a circle. it's the perception of the image being given to the american people. >> i thought it was around a barrel of beer. >> they kept singing that song over and over again. >> let's talk about the people out at marist college, they've
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been polling americans and have bad news for the president of the united states. barack obama was swept into power because he was able to capture a lot of the independent voters out there, people who are not strictly aligned with the right or the left. here's the bad news. right now, of independent voters, only 29% of them approve of the job that the president of the united states is doing and that is bad and look at that, the next number, only 39% have a favorable view of the president. personally, they don't like him as much as they did not so long ago. >> attention, jon stewart these polls aren't supposed to add up to 100. these are separate questions. >> in case he doesn't think we were almost a math major. big problems of the president here is the points have gone down by 20. so with independents, favorability used to be 59%. now it's 39% and the same thing with the approval rating or disapproval, used to be 49%. now it's 29%. so i guess you could get from
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this synopsis that independents have not seen the change that they could believe in. >> right. i will say this, president has to feel good about this part of the marist poll which bill o'reilly partially sponsored because he grew up and went there. 29% say the poor economy is not his fault. excuse me, only 29% say the economy is his fault. george bush left him a bad economy. >> yeah, so they bought into the argument by the administration. hey. look, it was like this when we walked in the door because of george w. bush. did somebody say george w. bush? did you see that billboard somewhere along i-35 in the great state of minnesota? it features george bush, it says miss me yet? well, brian is absolutely right. there was a story -- oh, that thing doesn't really exist. no one would pay for that. tubely actually they're trying to figure out who did do that. >> i have inside investigators, my family, looking into it. >> what did they come up with? >> i just heard about this this
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morning. i'm not going to wake them up quite yet. i think this is hysterical because you can take it both ways. you can take it as miss me yet. in other words, people who might be disheartened with the job that president obama has been doing in the last year and you can take it as a slam about whether or not, you know, obama has been so great and so see, we never really missed george bush to begin with. >> what it's like to have a president make quick decisions and not look back and blame other people. that's one way to conclude. >> boy, oh, boy. >> who is behind it? someone who is pro or anti-obama? email us right now. >> got to be a really tall guy. >> hold on that snow shovel as the mid atlantic and the northeast continues to dig out from weekend's historic snowfall. forecasters say get ready for round two. wttg's sarah simmons is in mclean, virginia, this morning with the very latest on storm preps. storm preps, aren't you guys
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still digging out, sarah? >> that's what i was going to say. we can't even prepare because we can't even stop shovelling at this point. a lot of our residential streets are still piled up with snow and it's -- you take a look behind me, you know, some of the streets are clear. but the problem is right now, they are very, very icy. but if you take a look back over here, i'm about 5'7", 5'8" and we're already seeing mounds of snow from the plowing that we've done that are already up to my shoulder, some above my head. the question is as we get another foot of snow depending on where you are, where is it all going to go? well, i guess we're going to have to wait and see because right now, this is something that they have not had to deal with in these kind of proportions. so at this point, people are going to have to make their way through the best way that they can. it's definitely been difficult, as you know, being in new york and being in other areas around the country and the north and the midwest. they're used to having a lot of snow but this is a lot of snow
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to have all at once and now to get another helping of about a foot of snow, it's going to be interesting over the next couple of days. back to you guys. >> no kidding. all right, sarah. thank you very much. new york for the most part dodged the last one but this time it looks like we're in the cross hairs. >> did you say that last time? we thought for sure -- >> do you have tape? >> we thought this place was going to be buried and it was 1/2 inch. >> we didn't even get that. >> the kids didn't even lay out their clothes. >> all right. coming up on the show, counterterrorism advisor john brennan defending the handling of the underwear bomber saying he was not treated as an ordinary citizen. is that really true? >> plus, tons of folks are walking away from mortgages to avoid defaulting on them. why this could actually hurt homeowners. that story straight ahead. and -- >> this was one of the more hilarious commercials of the super bowl. there's conan right there. there also was one where oprah was sitting between dave and jay. but where was conan? that straight ahead. ññ
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>> 17 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. a magnitude 5.7 quake has hit mexico. it happened in the southern part of the country. i don't know if that's how you pronounce that. anyway, there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries and the crew of the space shuttle endeavour will head to sleep in a few hours as they get ready to hook up with the space station tonight. they inspected damage from the launch checking the thermal shieldings on the wings and the nose. they are delivering a whole new room to the space station. brian? >> thanks, gretchen. president obama's top counterterrorism advisor is firing back at critics over the handling of alleged -- we have to say that, alleged christmas day bomber. listen. >> wasn't treat as an ordinary citizen. he was treated as a terrorist. he was immediately taken into custody. he was questioned under the public safety exception as far as mirandizing an individual, f.b.i. agents were on the ground
6:18 am
as well as with customs and border patrol agents. we reacted very well to that situation and he was put in a process that has been the same process that we have used for every other terrorist that's been captured on our soil. >> that is not true. jose padilla was not used through that process. that was just one. was that handled the right way? let's ask two former c.i.a. operatives whose job was to hunt down al-qaida. gary, author of human intelligence and former head of the c.i.a. bin laden unit. michael, first off with you. do you agree with john brennan? >> no, i don't agree with john brennan. he's mouthing what the president wants him to mouth. what occurred on -- at least in my opinion, what occurred on christmas day was another step in the ideological dismemberment of what bush put in place to try to protect the united states. i don't think what mr. bush did was sufficient but this crew has just dismantled it without anything to replace it.
6:19 am
>> gary? >> the issue at play is this. you're fighting terrorist organizations that are small and you want to discredit them, you can use civil law against them to state they are sort of, you know, punk criminals, you know, the group is not a big threat to the country and discredit the organization. when you're fighting an organization like al-qaida that's declared war on the united states, your greater concern is to be able to capture them and al-qaida is using it as battle space against us and to be able to imprison them as easily as possible and hold them and detain them so they can't kill americans. >> hypothetically, let's say they totally screwed up. what should we do next time? we get word of a bomber. michael, you take this, what should eric holder do next time if he wants to get it right? who should he call first? >> i think he should resign and i think the military should take these people as combatants. they're clearly fighting, as gary said, they're fighting a war against us. we're in the 14th year of this war and mr. brennan and his folks are trying to dismantle
6:20 am
what little defense we have against these people. >> gary, the first call they make? >> well, the first thing that's going to happen is local law enforcement or some security official some place is going to respond. they're always the first responders. and they're going to, of course, have to detain them, report back that this is the type of incident that we had and then decisions are going to have to be made very rapidly. ok. is this person a perceived member of al-qaida? if they are, let's proceed through a separate channel here and let's direct them into a channel which allows us to have military trials on these people. they are enemy combatants that have declared war on the united states and i can't understand why the administration hasn't figured this out. >> i know. we're laying the groundwork for a counter argument. thanks so much and you also believe, michael, that john brennan made a decision that allowed bin laden to get away. we'll talk about that a different time but especially if he's going to continue to hop out in front of the cameras. thanks so much to gary and michael. privileged to have you. meanwhile, straight ahead, many americans are considering walking away from the mortgage. our next guest says there are some serious implications homeowners may not have realized
6:21 am
so we'll tell you exactly when to hold and when to walk away no matter where you live. and it's cold outside. but what about the "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover. will they be cold or make you hot? to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters.
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>> in this tough market, some homeowners are facing the harsh reality that their home is no longer worth what they mortgaged it for. so here's the big question. should you just walk away? or is there a better option for you? >> joining us right now from seattle is kendrick todd, up early, real estate agent, winner of "the apprentice" and host of hgtv's show "my house is worth what? "good morning to you. >> good morning. >> lot of homeowners wondering if they should walk away. let's do the math.
6:25 am
let's say the original purchase price, we have a graphic over there is $200,000 and the current value is $120,000. they've gone down 40%. that's the math. >> and unfortunately, that is the reality in some of the harder hit areas. now, the financial motivation for people walking away from their mortgage and stop payment is because they reason, hey, if i go into foreclosure, it will take me seven years to clean up my credit and by then, the property would be worth $161,000. now, if they waited for their home to recoup the value back to $200,000 where they originally purchased, that would take 14 years. they figure they're cutting losses by walking away. >> so is that a good idea or bad idea in your mind? >> well, it really raises an ethical eyebrow because what we're talking about here is a strategic default. it's a home owner who chooses to stop paying their mortgage and walk away because it's no longer
6:26 am
a good financial decision. but they still have the means to pay the mortgage. what makes this concerning is the fact that numbers were released that in 2009, 1/4 of all foreclosures were strategic defaults. and that has ramifications on the most local of levels. >> ok. so we are talking about the owner options and so there's the strategic default. there's the foreclosure. the one you like the best is the short sell. tell me about short sells. >> well, first of all, a strategic default is a foreclosure, it's an elective foreclosure. what people should do is exhaust all other options first. the short sale is the way to go. that's when you negotiate with the bank to sell the property for the price lower than the mortgage amount. they agree and they relinquish you of the remaining debt so you walk away free and clear and you don't actually have to be in arrears on your payments, you don't have to be late on your mortgage in order to go that
6:27 am
route. >> so that's the advice coming this morning from kendra todd, hgtv lucky to have you. thank you for joining us so early. >> where it's 3:27 in seattle. >> all right. straight ahead, she was publicly humiliated by her husband, south carolina governor mark sanford. >> i mean, clearly, he feels go for this woman. >> are they still in a relationship now? >> the answer to that question and much more in gretchen's exclusive interview with the soon-to-be former first lady of south carolina. >> plus, he was a champ in the ring. what about the dance floor? mike tyson jooiives straight ah. >> happy birthday to travis tritt. he has a cake with 47 candles on it. happy birthday.
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>> this is the worst super bowl party ever. >> now, dave, be nice. >> he's just saying that cuz i'm here. >> he's just saying that cuz i'm here. >> that is so cool. >> the rumors were -- why didn't i pick that yesterday, by the way. the rumors were they silk screened him in. >> photo shopped them. >> photo shopped. whatever! >> will you calm down?
6:32 am
in the future, chromo keyed them in. >> for all the song and dance it took to get jay leno here in disguise and all that, 15 seconds. you turn around and get the chips and nachos and turn back around and the commercial is over. >> i know. it was, perhaps, the most effective 15 seconds of the whole super bowl aside from the pass interception. here is jay leno last night on his program talking about what it was like to come face to face with dave letterman for the first time in 18 years. >> sitting in my office, rob burnett, dave's producer calls my producer, debbie and says hey, dave has an idea for a super bowl commercial. so all right. then he tells me the idea and this is dave's idea and i thought that's great. because, you know, no matter what animosity there is among comedians, a good joke is a good joke and i get to new york and i have all this mustache and all this stuff and i pull up in front of dave's studio in a black s.u.v., all the security. we sneak in.
6:33 am
even dave's staff, nobody knows anything about this. we shoot the commercial. i walk in and i see dave and he puts his hand out and i shake hands. whatever happened in the last 18 years disappeared. it was great to see my old friend again. it was wonderful. >> wow. >> that i did not know. >> did they talk afterwards? was that it? >> i don't know. that remains to be seen, i guess. >> they shot the whole thing at the ed sullivan studio just right down the street and interestingly enough, mr. leno got a call a couple of -- shortly after he had gone out to shoot that. he didn't really reveal the beans to anybody. this is what they had to say to him, the boss. >> so we shoot the commercial with oprah and everything and i put my disguise on. we sneak back in. i come back here, nobody knows. next thing, nbc executive comes to me. we got a problem. last night, i got word that dave letterman shot some kind of secret show. what? well, what happened was we know that a black s.u.v. pulled up,
6:34 am
security, a hooded figure. thing over his head. came in the side of the building. had massive security. who do you think it was? we think it was president obama. >> those are great moles in the nbc organization. >> please, he would have had to gotten approval from nbc to shoot a commercial at cbs, i think. >> so do you doubt -- >> i think that's a joke. i think that part is a joke. would we go and shoot a commercial somewhere else without getting approval? >> no. absolutely not. >> but he is -- >> we're much bigger than those guys. >> one other thing, apparently it could have been more ethics because they asked conan o'brien to be a part of it but he said at the time that he was finishing up his run with "the tonight show" so he was busy. >> he's not busy. he was done. he chose not to. >> yeah, but can you imagine -- how hard would it be for him to sit on the couch next to them? >> that would have been really bad. too fresh. >> anyway, let's do a couple of quick headlines on a tuesday later this morning, president
6:35 am
obama not disguised is going to host a major meeting on jobs at the white house. in attendance, top congressional republicans and democrats as the president makes his pitch for the jobs bill. while the white house says the package includes a tax break, many republicans are skeptical of more government spending pointing out the stimulus program has not delivered on the jobs it promised. >> meanwhile, a judge wants the security officer to accompany andrew young as he goes to retrieve a sex tape allegedly made between john edwards and his former mistress rielle hunter. the officer must be with young as he enters a vault to obtain a lock box securing all evidence in some bags. young was declared in contempt of court for not immediately turning over the tape when deputies initially wanted to retrieve it from him. >> more lock box talk going on. authorities in connecticut are launching a criminal investigation into what caused an explosion that killed five people at that power plant over the weekend and they're not
6:36 am
ruling out negligence. middletown mayor sebastian gulioni that said if everything right, there wouldn't have been a blast on sunday morning. it occurred at the natural gas pipeline. gretchen? >> nearly a month after that devastating earthquake in haiti, a 28-year-old man, i thaeheard coming in this morning, pulled from the wreckage alive. the doctors seen here worked on him and believe he may have been trapped since the quake. although it hasn't been confirmed, the doctors say he's still on the road to recovery. >> you know, he still is sick, he can't talk to anybody. but we are very optimistic. >> meantime, a group is already launching an emergency vaccination campaign protecting against possible diseases in haiti. this as early spring rains threatens to create landslides and more health problems. they say that that survivor had
6:37 am
access to water but no food in 28 days. >> i think he was in the grocery store. >> there was an underground aisle be able to kept up? >> he was down there with food. >> all right. an 8-year-old oregon boy gets a one day suspension after showing a piece of his action figure to a classmate. that piece, a four inch plastic toy gun built for the action figure there. school officials say the principal followed protocol after determining it was a simulated -- a simulated weapon. the boy's father believes the decision was an overreaction. >> duh! >> i mean, come on, it's obviously not a real weapon. i mean, yeah, i mean, like i said before, if it was, you know, looked like a real weapon, i can understand. but come on, i mean, i fail to believe that can actually be perceived as a real weapon. >> his father is like 7'9", bigger than the doorway.
6:38 am
he intends to speak with the school board. >> uh-oh. part of his permanent record. let's take a look. first up, another major storm could bring up to two feet of snow to parts of the east coast. i'm not talking about adding -- one foot added to another feet. two feet new snow in washington, d.c. as you can see right there, looking at the supreme court. people are still digging out. that was alito with the shovel, wasn't it? i'm kidding. federal government will remain closed for the second day and the d.c. national guard are reporting for duty. real quickly, let's take a look at the storm. we have the doppler and the radar. it's a big storm from the great lakes moving up through the tennessee valley, the ohio valley, it's already brought a lot of snow up through the great lakes states and it is moving toward the delmarva peninsula, the mid atlantic and the northeast. of course, brian, as you can see, it was stormy in new orleans yesterday but it's
6:39 am
currently dry and it's going to be a sunny day. >> yeah, it is. i'll tell you what, the people of new orleans are still celebrating. today is the day, though, new orleans has been dreaming about for 43 years. parade for the super bowl champion new orleans saints. they will board floats. one thing about new orleans, they always have floats ready to go. it will be the second parade in as many days for super bowl m.v.p. drew brees. he was at disney world yesterday as he rode a float through the magic wi magic kingdom. he also appeared on the late show with david letterman. one bad pass by peyton manning hasn't cost the colts any cash. manning and the colts are favored to win next year's super bowl according to odds released by bet they are 7-1 favorites followed by the chargers, patriots and the saints. we know who will be on the cover of this year's "sports
6:40 am
illustrated" issue. it's brooklyn decker. decker is best known for being the wife of tennis star andy roddick. the swimsuit issue hits newsstands today. coming up next hour, we're looking for that perfect -- if you're still looking for that perfect valentine's gift, steve has the rest. >> that's right. we're going to be joined by victoria's secret model who's will give guys tips on what to buy your wives and it does not just involve pajamas or lingerie. >> steve is the lingerie correspondent. mike tyson showing off his fancy footwork but not in the ring. we're talking about the italian version of "dancing with the stars." look at mike. iron mike made a one dance guest appearance on the italian tv show. the woman did most of the work. that's really what mike did. i think mike didn't even rehearse very much. i also think it's wise for him to be twirling around women. he danced the jive dance with the dance instructor and tyson scored a knockout. he got a 47.
6:41 am
one judge, gretchen, you know italian people, got -- >> you're half italian. >> that's right. i'm the one she's talking about. >> i like italian people. what was the question? >> that's the relevance. he he got 108 from one judge. >> is that good or bad? >> i don't know. if you're watching italian "dancing with the stars." >> was it expressed in lyra. >> speaking that, there's only one reason why mike tyson would do that show. for that. >> coming up on "brian and the judge" we'll dissect mike tyson's dance. >> i would love to watch dancing on the radio. >> i'm ahead of my time. stevie myers will be joining us and michael goodwin, the outstanding "new york post" columnist all in just three hours. and the judge will say constitution. >> and the judge is coming up next. >> i've met him. >> members of the obama administration have been speaking out saying suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed should be put to death. is all this talk paintingtainti
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> 15 minutes before the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. charlie sheen and his wife can now see each other apparently. the judge has relaxed the protective order. that happened yesterday. sheen was in court to officially be charged with felony menacing, third degree assault and criminal mischief for his christmas day arrest when he put a knife allegedly to the throat of his wife. but he didn't enter a plea. he's due back in court in march. beer lovers, a good excuse to order another round. the brew may help bones stay
6:46 am
strong according to a new study in the journal of science of food and agriculture. it finds beer to be a rich source of silicon and may help prevent osteoporosis. the entire floor crew has incredibly strong bones, then, right, guys? and you, too, brian. >> they're iron! they're solid iron. >> throw back some brewskies. >> stronger bones is important if you fall down a lot. >> absolutely. i'm always falling. the obama administration is faced with serious civil rights dilemmas. with the potential national security implications at stake. why you ask? well, here's the president back in november. >> i don't think it will be offensive at all when he's convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him. >> the president tried to clarify his answer of predicting cases but listen to white house press secretary robert gibbs just last week. >> he is likely to be executed for the heinous crimes that he committed and masterminding the killing of 3,000 americans. that you can be sure.
6:47 am
>> ok. they're strong advocates of civilian trials but have these statements violated the suspect's civil rights. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. judge, first of all, it looks as if by the president and his spokesperson saying those things, they could be potentially influencing potential jurors. >> you know, there's a couple of ways to look at this. one is everybody who is in the jury pool meaning if it's tried in new york, people who live here. wherever it is. everybody know who ksm is and everybody knows what he more than likely did and everybody knows he attempted to plead guilty to this already. >> they've heard about the story. >> right. the other way to look at this is if the government doesn't believe it has enough evidence to try, prosecute, convict him and get him executed, it shouldn't be doing so and it's just saying what it believes it has. most jurors in a death penalty case take their job so seriously, they couldn't care
6:48 am
less what politicians say about it. the flip side of this is look, i'm in the middle of the charles mannson trial, richard nixon once said manson is guilty. he grabbed the headline and showed it to the jury. they said, do you think the president of the united states matters? >> could the president of the united states saying my hope is he will be convicted, tried and given the death penalty. would that be ok? and would he not be illegally jeopardizing the case? but instead, robert gibbs personally guaranteed it. >> i don't think that gibbs or the president is jeopardizing the case. i think this will go in one ear and out the other of jurors. yes, they could have used softer language but is a defense lawyer going to say to a judge, judge, my client can't get a fair trial because of what bob gibbs and the president said about him two years ago? the judge will say motion
6:49 am
denied. >> so it's going to go full steam ahead and it's a bump in the road. >> i do. i do think it's going to go full steam ahead. >> judge, here's the other thing. it might be outside your realm. if you want to give the world the perception that our court system is above it all and better than the rest, is this the way to do it? >> very good question. answer, no. this is going to raise your blood pressure. he's innocent. he's innocent until presumed guilty. lawyers in the government are not supposed to be saying he's guilty when they know he's innocent. >> and actually, some of that stuff was said by a lawyer in the government who was a law professor and is currently the president of the united states. >> there you go. >> all right. >> i rest your case. >> good job, counselor. >> all rise. >> i didn't use the word constitution. as he predicted. >> all right. thanks, judge. straight ahead, her husband publicly admitted to an affair and now south carolina, almost former first lady jenny sanford is speaking out.
6:50 am
hear what she says about her husband in an exclusive interview that gretchen obtained. >> a rare disorder turns a 15-year-old into a real life sleeping beauty. she can sleep for days. it's no fairy tale. what causes this mysterious condition? she's here live. ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) but only one has been buried for centuries... until now. stunning revelations await you in dan brown's the lost symbol. don't miss the biggest blockbuster since the da vinci code. read the lost symbol now.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back, everyone, remember last summer that startling press conference when the governor of south carolina mark sanford came back from argentina supposedly having seen or realistically having seen his lover there. well, many people felt very sorry for the first lady of south carolina at the time, jenny sanford for having to endure that. >> we thought he was on the appalachian trail. >> yes, and it was a huge news story as well. now, nine months later, she has left her husband and she's written a new book and i had the opportunity to sit down with her to get her take.
6:54 am
>> jenny, thank you so much for doing this. i really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> as i read the book, and you strike me as a really private person. >> oh, yes, incredibly. >> and i was wondering what -- how difficult the decision was to decide to put this whole story down in a book. >> you know, it's funny. i didn't make the decision to make the whole affair public. i mean, that was mark's choice when he came back from argentina and then the emails on the web site and all so i found myself being thrust -- first into the public world anyway when my husband was the governor so over time, i became a little bit less private but then all of a sudden this summer, this past summer i was thrust into the public light and had that not been made public at all, i would never have written a book. >> i have to say when i was reading it and i kept looking back to see the title of "staying true" i have to say that i found myself thinking instead of "staying true" a more apt title might have been jenny's sacrifice. it seemed so much throughout
6:55 am
this book that you were constantly sacrificing. >> you know, you can look at it that way. i didn't look at it that way. i have long believed that marriage and family actually are very important in this world. and that if you -- if you marry, you take it seriously. i have kind of an old-fashioned view of marriage and always have. so i was happy to support my husband in whatever way i could. one of the things that you were early on was incredibly successful investment banker. >> right. >> at a young age, a female partner. pretty much unheard of. >> vice president, yeah. >> vice president, top of the line in investment banking. >> yeah. >> it seems to me when i read the book that it really wasn't that tough of a decision for you to leave that behind. >> no. you know, it was a very intense job. and i loved every minute of it but i didn't have children at the time. and i wasn't married for most of the time i was on wall street and i loved it. but i always yearned for a more stable, more balanced life. especially during the child rearing stage, if you will. and i never looked at it as throwing a career away.
6:56 am
i looked at it as putting some of those talents on hold. >> you had a belief of marriage in an old-fashioned sort of way. >> right. >> so you moved to south carolina and yet, a lot of these signs seem to appear almost immediately even before you were married that maybe mark sanford wasn't in this marriage as you thought he might have been originally. >> the warning signs of the vows, i know much has been made of the fact that he didn't want to sign -- he did not want to say the vow about faithfulness. >> right. what came after he brought that up was a very honest discussion, i thought, about what marriage is. and i said marriage is a vow of that. it doesn't matter what vows you speak. you can pick whichever one you want. marriage is a vow of fidelity. if you're not vowing in the act of getting married to stay true to me and be faithful to me, let's not get married. he said no, i absolutely am. >> i think a lot of women who read this book and men for that matter will say wow, you put up
6:57 am
with a lot on top of that. for example, not only did he say that about the vows, but he was also notoriously cheap. >> uh-huh. >> these stories about giving you a diamond necklace and then taking it away. >> i thought -- i thought the way he delivered the diamond necklace with the little scavenger hunt, my kids were little and they loved it. we had more fun. it was clever. it was thoughtful and you know, isn't that what you want? you want somebody to think about you. he was up in d.c., he had called and ordered the necklace. he hadn't seen it. in his mind, whatever he spent on that necklace, he obviously had envisioned in his mind something much bigger and the look on his face when he saw it, that's what i spent that money on? i could have never kept it afterwards. it would have pained him. it literally pains him to spending money. >> what about forgetting your birthday? >> well, yeah, you know, he remembers it now because it's september 11th but, you know, he was busy. >> technically, she's still first lady of south carolina, right? >> technically and technically, you could argue that she's still
6:58 am
defending her husband tremendously. >> that's what i got. >> i mean, you know, an amazing situation. i find her a dichotomy that she on the one hand is such a private person but wrote this tell all book and on the one hand has left her husband but still continues to defend him. one would could argue that's for her four young boys. >> don't forget, a year or so ago, he was frontrunner to be president. >> maybe how times and things can change. second part that interview will be coming up later on in the show about 8:45 a.m., she'll talk a lot about that press conference and would you believe that he called her directly after that and asked how he did. >> i hope she told him the truth. meanwhile, one of the president's own lashing out at the administration over the 9/11 trials. what senator chuck schumer is saying to the president about where the trial should be held. that's coming up next. >> gary coleman spending his 42nd birthday in court. will he go to jail?
6:59 am
what the judge said about gary. >> and it's a valentine's gift that gives back. guys, stick around for the victoria's secret angels. they're here with their favorite picks and no, you can't have them for valentine's day. fiber one -- i'm looking for some fiber. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber ithis. it tastes too good. they have 35% of your daily value. oh, samples. mmm. fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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>> we made it to tuesday. and it's february 9th already, 2010. thank you so much for sharing part of your morning with us. outspoken democratic senator chuck schumer lashing out now at the white house over trying terrorists in new york. he's changed his tune. >> big time. >> where he says suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed should go instead. >> i'll tell you where he should go. >> can i finish, please? >> sorry. >> all right. it's not a fairy tale. a rare disorder turns a 15-year-old girl into a sleeping beauty. she can literally sleeps for days. what causes this mysterious condition? she's here live to explain. >> and brian, free breakfast is back. today, denny's is giving meals
7:03 am
away. how you can get a free one this morning right up to 2:00 this afternoon. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from kathy in arkansas. snow on the ground, snow on the ground, watching steve, gretchen and brian with the news all around. >> i've never heard of that town. i thought we might have been duped. if you're from that town, write us. >> kathy just did. coming up, you'll find up within the next five minutes how you can wind up with a free breakfast all across the country. live report straight ahead. >> all right. >> we start with the fox news alert. there are more troubles, unfortunately, this morning for toyota. if you own one, pay attention here because the company now recalling more than 400,000 prius and other hybrid vehicles world wide because of those braking problems. the affected models are the 2010 prius gas electric hybrid and
7:04 am
the lexus hs-250h sedan. earlier, the president of toyota issues another apology. >> you can assure that we will redouble our commitment to quality as the lifeline of our company. together. we will do everything in our power to regain the confidence of our customers. >> of course, this is the latest in a string of embarrassing safety problems for toyota. the company recalling more than seven million vehicles worldwide for floor mat and gas pedal problems. prius owners in japan can start getting their cars fixed starting tomorrow. u.s. owners will start receiving letters about the latest recall next week. well, fox news has confirmed that a medical mistake may have led to the death of pennsylvania congressman john murtha. doctors accidentally cut murtha's intestine during gallbladder surgery leading to complication. murtha died in a virginia hospital yesterday. he had been in congress for 36
7:05 am
years. the democrat was hampered by ethics questions in recent years but was also known as a staunch advocate for the u.s. military and an opponent of the iraq war. john murtha was 77 years old. the threat of more mudslides in california is forcing authorities now in l.a. county to order mandatory evacuations for more than 500 homes. officials have been notifying the residents in affected areas to be out by 10:00 a.m. this morning as a safety precaution. the national weather services, well, they say that the approaching storm could dump up to 1 1/2 inches of rain, 43 homes were damaged in mudslides over the weekend. the obama administration wants california's largest for profit health insurer to justify plans to hike customers' premiums by as much as 39%. anthem blue cross' increase could affect 800,000 people. health and human services secretary katherine sebelius said she was disturbed to learn of the plan. anthem blue cross blames the weak economy and rising health care costs for that rate hike.
7:06 am
all right, steve, another storm brewing on the east coast, right? >> yeah. it's starting in the center of the country and crews are working around the clock to try to get ahead as the heavy snowfall has caused mass power cuts. another major storm is expected to blanket mid atlantic and the northeast region starting later today and into tomorrow. real quickly, let's just eyeball the doppler and the radar. we got them together to show you where the big storm is right now. extends all the way from the gulf coast right up through, you can see exactly where it turns into snow. the mid atlantic. the ohio valley, some spots around the great lakes, could wind up with a couple of inches of snow. all right. >> thank you very much, steve. heading to utah court wasn't much of a birthday present for former child star gary coleman. the actor pled guilty to a misdemeanor in order to avoid an original domestic violence charge. coleman was sentenced to 31 1/2 days in jail and he was slapped with a $600 fine. if he completes a domestic violence course, his jail time
7:07 am
will be suspended. coleman was arrested last month for failing to show up for a court appearance but was released after posting bail. >> looks so unhappy. >> those are your headlines. >> i've never seen somebody so unhappy to be arrested. >> a lot of people are unhappy with the mug shots. trend wise, with the election of scott brown up in the commonwealth of massachusetts, people are like oh, health care was dead and then suddenly, the president went to the republican retreat and there was such good give and take between the president and the republicans, he said later, you know what? i'm going to invite the republicans up, perhaps the white house or blair house, we'll have 1/2 day summit on health care. >> brilliant. >> this way, he'll have them in the room, and he'll answer the questions. there will be give and take. brilliant on his part to get things going. but yesterday, the republicans cantor and bainor sent rahm emanuel a letter which if you ask me was brilliant as well. you have to start from scratch, mr. president, because we want our ideas to actually have an
7:08 am
opportunity to become real because the president has said i'm not going to started over. >> here it is. here's some of the things that he'd like to see answered and as you mentioned last hour, gretchen, before they walk into these russian missile agreements, the leaders knew where they were going. they'd come in and basically sign it. they have to decide if the president will be giving us certain issues. for example, mr. president, will the proposals be whatever proposals that are out there and for us to digest, will they be out for the american people 72 hours beforehand? number two, will the president include democrats who oppose the bills, some of them are in the state level who are totally against what they read in the 2,000 page bill on both the house and senate side. will you deal them in? >> and will special interest groups be included and televised? this reminds me of when the president invited all those doctors to the white house lawn, remember, they had on the white jackets. >> ones who didn't, we had extra. >> they were in favor of his health care reform plan. he didn't invite any doctors,
7:09 am
tremendous doctors in the u.s. that were against the health care reform. in a way, this is a brilliant p.r. stunt as steve has mentioned but the republicans are in a jam, guys, they're in a jam because if they don't show up to this thing, the mainstream media and the obama administration will be able to say what they've been saying for the last several months, the republican party is the party of no. and i understand that they need to put out there that they don't like this plan and they want to start from scratch but i just feel like the p.r. front against them will be negative. >> gretchen, i think the american people are fair and they hear ok, the republicans are ready to go. they would like to start over. that seems fair but then the president says, well, we can't start from scratch. does that seem fair? kathleen sebelius from the great state of kansas says you can't do it piece by piece. sunday. you'll have to trust me. we had the soundbite. >> we heard from her because she's been missing in action in the whole health care reform situation. maybe because we talked about it
7:10 am
yesterday on the show, she suddenly is out in front and center again. >> quite possibly. the only thing i would say, she was responding to what the republicans said. one of their suggestions is we don't do this all at once. it will be too much for any economy to take. also, the republicans say can we include some experts? lamar alexander, the number three ranked republican comes out and says, what makes you think 100 senators can come up with a way to transform 70% of our economy? he's being very humble it. it's true. you can't be experts to make this type of transformation. >> very good point. i think we now have kathleen sebelius. >> we have to have a comprehensive approach because the pieces of the puzzle are too closely tied to one another as disingenious to say we're for the insurance reforms and yet, don't support a notion that everyone would have to come into the marketplace. >> it's called incremental. we'll talk about the other thing later. 10 minutes past the top of the hour. >> great.
7:11 am
you know what? when the president announced and his man eric holder that the trials would be in lower manhattan for the bad guys from 9/11, we didn't really hear much from chuck schumer. you would think he would be for the people of new york city. originally, he was for it and suddenly, he is against it. here's something he said. my advice to the president is, with a great deal of respect, take new york off the radar screen and find another location. most logical place is in some isolated military base that's completely far away from population centers and is self-contained. >> wait a second, i think i know a place like that. give me a second. gitmo where there's a courtroom there made by bazillions of our dollars to try khalid sheikh mohammed where he was being tried before the president stopped the trial. >> rest assured, it ain't going to be happening at gitmo, my friend, because that was the first executive order of this president that he was going to close gitmo which has not yet happened. there's no way in you know what, these trials will happen at gitmo. i find it fascinating that the
7:12 am
president is hanging to the notion that the trials are going to happen at new york city. why didn't he stand up at the state of the union and take a definitive stand and say i'm going to change these trials, why didn't he say that in the katie couric interview before the super bowl? >> he's dangling that card out there. >> meanwhile, denny's is trying to connect with their customers by offering post super bowl promotion again. during these tough times, the restaurant is hoping to help a lot of folks and their families with a free, hot breakfast. peter doocey is in oak lawn, illinois, with details on today's free meals. is this true, peter? debunk it, if you will. >> it's true. it is true, brian. and a big, bad blizzard here in the midwest meant a slightly slower than expected start here at the denny's in oak lawn, illinois, south of chicago but the economy is as bad as the weather outside. as soon as the doors are open, people have been streaming in steadily because here at this location and at 1500 other denny's across america, they have the best kind of breakfast
7:13 am
there is and that's the free kind if you get here before 2:00 you get a free grand slam which would normally set you back about $4.99. last year they had this promotion and about two million people showed up. i'll talk to two of the people that showed up so far today. what's your name? >> bob. >> and you're here just after 6:00 local time. are you guys on your way to work? >> no, we're not working. we're not employed right now. >> so both unemployed. what does it mean to you when a company gives you something like this for nothing? >> oh, it's excellent. i can't believe it. with the economy right now, i can't believe they can do something like this. >> how is it, by the way? >> breakfast is awesome! awesome. thanks to the saints. go, saints! >> if the colts won, you wouldn't have gotten your free breakfast. >> you still would have got it. this is the second time i've been in something like this. i thought with the snow, we wouldn't have a big turnout like this. >> does it make you more likely to come back to denny's since they gave you this great free breakfast? >> without a doubt.
7:14 am
denny's is top shelf. >> last question, what's the appropriate tip on a $0 tab? >> $5 to $10. >> all right. $5 to $10 for the waitress here and back to you guys in new york. >> all right. >> that's cool, peter. >> very nice. now i'm hungry. >> me, too. bring me over some bacon. >> peter is not moving. he's getting the free breakfast. you got a threesome there. all right, coming up straight ahead -->> the president's counterterrorism advisor says g.o.p. leaders knew the underwear bombing suspect was read his miranda rights. but that may not be true. why our next guest says not so fast. >> and this saints fan literally got choked up by her team. how this got in her throat in the first place. winter can be beautiful. and now winter skin can be too. discover relief from dry, uncomfortable skin... with skin relief moisturizing lotion. only aveeno has an active naturals... triple oat and shea butter formula... that soothes, nourishes and restores moisture.
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7:17 am
share a better life. >> on christmas night, i called a number of senior members of
7:18 am
congress. i spoke to senators mcconnell and i spoke to representatives and i explained he was in f.b.i. custody. that mr. abdulmutallab was, in fact, talking. he was cooperating at that point. they knew that in f.b.i. custody means there's a process, then, you follow as far as mirandizing and presenting him in front of the magistrate. none of those individuals raised concerns with me at that point. >> our next guest, though, says national security advisor john brennan is wrong. former white house chief speechwriter joins us now. he's the author of "courting disaster." mark, is he wrong because the f.b.i. now has this new group called the high value interrogation group? which in effect, if those members of congress knew about that, then they would have thought maybe he wasn't read his miranda rights. >> actually, the high value interrogation group hasn't been set up and apparently the director of national intelligence didn't even know that which is kind of telling they're not trying to capture terrorists anymore. but as i report in "courting
7:19 am
disaster" in august of 2009, they actually briefed the press and congress about this new value high interrogation group that's led by the f.b.i. what they said here, they said interrogators will not necessarily read detainees their rights before questioning. instead, making that decision on a case-by-case basis. it's not certainly going to be automatic in any regard they're going to be mirandized. what is he talking about? why should these senators and congressmen automatically assume that these guys would be mirandized. we would tell this guy he has the right to remain silent. >> when brennan says on "meet the press" yeah, i told them he was in f.b.i. custody. they should have known he would be mirandized. by virtue of the document you were citing, it's clear going forward it would be on a case-by-case basis. so in other words, he should have said, and by the way, we're going to mirandize him. >> yes, in which case, because senators and congressmen would
7:20 am
have blown a gasket in all likelihood. given a terrorist like this manna from heaven, he has information about the terrorist network about we know almost nothing and to tell him he has the right to remain silent is crazy. it plays right into al-qaida's interrogation resistance training. we've got captured documents that show that they train their operatives to hold out as long as they can to help their brothers on the outside cover their tracks or carry out their mission. five weeks is plenty of time to cover their tracks. now he's talking again and they announced it to the world. it's insanity. >> mark, real quickly, how has the politicizing of this event changed the real effort at hand here which is to stop terrorism? >> it's underminded terribly but the politicizing, as you point out, is from the obama administration. they made a huge mistake in reading this guy his miranda rights and they started treating it as a political problem instead of an intelligence problem and they -- so when he starts talking again, instead of keeping that secret and using the intelligence he's finally
7:21 am
giving if there's any actionable intelligence yet, to capture, they tell us he's talking about the cleric. >> i got to go. i got to go. i got to go, unfortunately. thanks for joining us. >> all right. thanks. >> thank you. imagine a whole new life for your hair. aveeno introduces nourish +. a transformation in hair care that harnesses... the power of active naturals wheat complex. we've identified a way to process wheat protein... in formulas that target and repair the weakest parts of hair.
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7:24 am
>> glad you're up. president obama hasn't had a full scale news conference since july. and now, many members of the white house press corps are asking why. >> we have done countless number of interviews. i think more interviews in the first year than any president certainly in recent memory. he enjoyed the format. we haven't done one in a while. >> ok. is the president trying to avoid the white house press corps? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. has been here and talking about this before. peter, what would be the tactic to not doing a news conference when you've already given so
7:25 am
many -- when you've already given so many one-on-one interviews. >> the tactic is to avoid hard questions and hard follow-up questions. if you go on you tube and post photos on flicker and you have deputy white house secretaries send twitter messages and then you post white house videos and you say that's the same thing as answering a question from wendell goler at the white house from fox news, it's not. it's a give and take and part of american history for the last century. this period -- seven months is the longest period that we've had in 10 years of the presidency. we've gone seven months without a press conference by the president. >> because right now, this is what the administration says, look at our first year stats. first year interviews, president obama, 161, president bush just 50. president clinton 53. does it have anything to do -- is the reason that the president have avoided the press
7:26 am
conferences, anything to do with what happened last time in july when he did one? >> well, i think it was july 22nd, he said that the cambridge, massachusetts, police department acted stupidly with regard to the situation. >> first national beer summit. >> we had a beer summit and the president had to walk away from his comments so i don't know whether it belies on behalf of the handlers of the president some concern, some doubt about whether he can actually execute a press conference and not make a gaffe. i don't think that's it. but look back at history, you know, franklin delano roosevelt had 1,023 press conferences in his presidency. even calvin coolidge had 521 press conferences in his history. now, we don't remember much of what calvin coolidge said. and that's early on in the process. but when we think of press conferences, we think of great press conferences like jack
7:27 am
kennedy who inaugurated the live televised press conference and i think a lot of americans want to see their president face to face. we want to -- >> but the people covered him every day. >> with the people covering him every day and it's not well, i'll pick a question off you tube or go head to head with the republican who is going to ask a partisan question probably, we want to hear objective, straight questions from reporters. >> and the press corps -- >> and the press corps has been stepping up with tougher questions if you just tune into the robert gibbs questions. so the president is going to get a lot tougher when he does walk back in there. peter johnson jr., thanks so much. >> good to see you. >> ok. we'll look into the calvin coolidge transcriptions and find out what those -- >> i'm told you have that in the 8:00 hour. >> fantastic. nothing but coolidge coming up next. planned parenthood outraging parents. what they want kids as young as 10 to learn in school. instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, this saints fan teen spirit literally got caught in her throat. how it was good news when they
7:28 am
moved it to her esophagus. plus get valentine's day gift advice straight ahead from an angel. the victoria's secret models are here with some perfect picks for your loved ones.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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7:32 am
the saints would win when hell froze over and it has. exactly. >> oh, yeah, and more snow is on the way. >> i know. that's what i heard. that's what you said last time when we got 1/2 inch. >> uh-oh. >> i have to talk to all the folks. ok. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. now some headlines for all of the folks. defense secretary robert gates on his way home from paris. gates talked with iranian and french officials and says that time is of the essence in dealing with iran's nuclear program. he called on the united nations to slap new sanctions on iran within weeks, not months. hurry it up. iran's ayatollah is promising a "stunning punch" on the third anniversary of the islamic revolution in iran. no word of what the punch is. >> new york governor david paterson lashing back at speculation he's going to resign. he calls recent comments about him a callous and sleazy assault of his charge.
7:33 am
he says the accusations about womanizing and drug use are false. and that new york's politics and media have hit new lows. paterson says the accusations won't stop him from serving in office or seeking election to a full term in the fall. brian? >> put off his press conference announcing re-election from last week because no one wanted to stand with him. meanwhile, they say an arsonist is targeting texas churches after two more rural churches went up in flames. that happened yesterday. this is video of one of the churches burning last month in eastern texas. the investigators say there have been eight arsons against houses of worship in the state this year alone. there are no reported injuries or arrests and officials aren't saying if all these arsons are connected. >> meanwhile, a new report by planned parenthood is pushing extensive sex education for children. extensive sex education for children as young as 10. the report, stand and deliver, as it's called, charges religious groups specifically catholics and muslims with denying young people access to
7:34 am
comprehensive sexual programs. it demands children 10 and older be given a comprehensive sexuality education. stand and deliver has set off a wave of protest among religious and conservative groups that argue the report is comprised because of -- compromise, that is, because of planned parenthood's financial stake in the changes. there. >> the driver of the car you're about to see knows what it's like to be left hanging. kenneth shidel accidentally crashes his lexus through a concrete wall in an oregon parking lot. the 83-year-old says he had his feet on the right pedals but a slip caused him to push on the gas. >> that will do it. >> the front end of the car teeterred over the two story lot until firefighters and police showed up. how you don't have a heart attack in that situation is unbelievable. wow. lucky guy. let's do a little sports. >> all right. football is over, as you know, that means it must be time to focus on college basketball,
7:35 am
perhaps. a couple of big games happened on monday. we taped them. here's some of the best stuff. number one kansas headed to austin, the jay hawks will have no problem winning. texas has lost 5-7 since becoming number one. a huge game in the big east. fourth ranked villanova knocked off fifth ranked west virginia in morgantown, 82-75. villanova closer to a first place tie with syracuse in the conference. now, back to football. one saints fan was lucky to see her team win the super bowl. after swallowing one of her saints earrings, you can see this fleur de lis stuck in the throat of floor ellen ricker. she said her earrings were in a pillboxes. she thought she was taking pills but swallowed the earrings. she spent hours in the emergency room but is ok now. was able to watch the team win the super bowl. she has a little sore throat. it was in her windpipe. they pushed on her esophagus and
7:36 am
got it out. good news, they wouldn't let it in. they're about to talk to a reporter on the second massive snowstorm this week. what is going on, steve? >> first, let's talk about the dichotomy that creates. >> really? >> yeah. while we've had the big snowstorm, the federal government, the obama administration talking about creating a new federal office to study global warming. apparently, the commerce secretary would be in charge of this and i guess they have a lot of research on their side except for those recent reports that some of that research was fake. i wonder if they'll look into that with this new federal agency. >> yeah, so this would be the climate service office which i think would be part of noaa, national oceanographic and atmospheric administration. they have a new web site, it's called you can connect to weather people or look at climate
7:37 am
through history. you put in a date and tell what it was like and it would be to help businessmen and other organizations try to figure out what the weather is going to be like. it's interesting, though, given the fact that the weather is so rotten now, people are going how can there be global warming if it's snowing and fairly cold? and the cover story right now is short term cooling on a warming planet. >> this administration is obsessed with global warming. think about it, they go to copenhagen to try to get something done. they have the c.i.a. focusing on how it will affect security. this, they're going to form another agency when our government should be leading out. >> with all due respect, i think forming this agency has been in the works for the last several years but you're right. that they are, you know, they are keyed in on that particular issue. >> yeah, they want to have it up and running by october 1st and remember, this is one of the planks on obama's platform that helped get him elected. he got elected. john mccain lost. john mccain, running mate with governor sarah palin was
7:38 am
actually at -- >> how is that -- what does this have to do with kevin bacon? >> give me like 16 minutes, i can figure out a connection. she likes bacon. >> good. thank you. >> who doesn't? and she fries it up for todd regularly. moose bacon. >> now you're overdoing it. >> at the logging conference in reading, california, it was closed to the public but the associated press bought a ticket, i think, for $75 and they went in and they listened and as it turns out, governor sarah palin not a big fan of the whole science behind global warming. >> she apparently called it -- this is her quote, a bunch of snake oil science. so that's how she feels about global warming. i would assume she would not be in favor of this new federal agency coming our way. talked to talk about that storm coming our way. coming all over from the midwest. and sarah simmons is in mclean, virginia, with the latest on the storm prep. good morning.
7:39 am
>> well, good morning to you all. you know, it's supposed to hit later on this afternoon. but as we talked about earlier, you know, people are still digging out from this past storm that we had just over this past weekend. if you take a look behind me, you can see some gentlemen that are still trying to dig out a sidewalk that is somewhere underneath there, outside an elementary school here. they told me they couldn't get the snow blower to move the snow that was there, obviously a lot of the snow being pushed off of areas like sidewalks and parking lots and so it's really smashed up into mounds that are taller than most people you would normally meet. so at this point, it's going to be very treacherous. we have icy conditions on the roadways already at this point and now possibly 22 inches at least, they're calling for maybe in the baltimore region which, of course, if you know this area, baltimore is not that far from d.c. but no matter how you look at it, it's going to be a lot more snow for us here in d.c. back to you. >> all right. sarah, thank you very much from
7:40 am
that live report outside a school in virginia. >> valentine's day this weekend and our next guests are experts on this heart warming holiday and we need some experts, don't we? >> yes indeed victoria's secrets bombshells candice and erin heatherton are here with advice of what guys should be thinking about for their gals on valentine's day. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> all right. so does it have to be victoria's secret underwear? >> no. i mean, anything that's personal that you really put time into and make it intimate is always something women appreciate. just personal touches. and the great thing about lingerie, you have to look into your girlfriend's lingerie drawer and see what size she is. >> she can't catch you. >> exactly. >> what are you doing in there? >> exactly. >> then we're -- we have an explanation. we'll say hey, this beautiful model told me to go through your drawers. >> exactly. >> it's better if your girlfriend gives you a little tip, you know, on what she
7:41 am
likes. what she feels comfortable in, there's beautiful stuff in the store right now. it's a little sexier this valentine's day. so we're looking for sexier? >> this year, valentine's day is all about being wild at heart and unleashing your wild side. being a bit sexy. >> that was my theme last year. i'm reusing it. >> this year, it's full on, like we're all about leopard and like bright colors. >> right. >> so victoria's secret is bringing sexy back although i thought it was justin timberlake. >> yeah, we have to find out. >> right now, sexy is on our couch, i mean that in the most dignified way. you are two beautiful women. >> in addition to lingerie, you have some here on the plastic desk. >> yes. >> what i have found is i used to buy my wife pajamas and she would love that. >> as long as it's personal and you put thought into it, you know it's something she likes, then it's going to work. >> but you agree that there shouldn't be feet in them? there shouldn't be feety
7:42 am
pajamas. >> whatever she's comfortable in. >> is there anything you want to show in particular because we're not professional at displaying lingerie. >> i got it, brian. >> what i want to show you first is the miraculous push-up bra which is number one seller for valentine's day. it gives you two extra cup sizes. >> right. >> so that's bringing the sexy back. >> inflation of grades. >> this is a new collection just released for valentine's day. it's called the corsa collection. >> just in bubble wrap. >> it's my favorite, too. and it's inspired by a corset and has the lacing up the middle and it's really delicate and it's really beautiful. >> men and women, be careful with it should you get that. things do break. we have chocolate and we have love rocks. what are love rocks? >> it's a new fragrance. it's beautiful and, you know, if you're a man who doesn't really know how to buy a girl lingerie, that's better for you. >> right. honey, i was going to get you lingerie.
7:43 am
i'm better off giving you love rocks. >> if you don't know her size or -- >> here's something else, like you're pro lingerie but you say it's good to surprise your men with tickets to a hot sporting event, correct? >> i didn't hear that about that one. >> you're not for that? ok, fine. >> are you guys going to be part of a webcast tomorrow? >> yes, we are. at 10:00 a.m. >> go to bing, i think. >> submit your questions today by 3:00 p.m., we'll be answering some of your valentine's day questions for men and women and it's going to be airing tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> i got a feeling you get a lot of mail on the internet. candice and erin, thank you very much for joining us in anticipation of that. >> that's some solid advice. and we owe you big time. >> thank you. >> in the break, we'll find out why leopard is so in. right? >> we will. >> good. >> we'll do our best. >> straight ahead, you want to read this, ladies? >> you want to read that? >> pillows used to be free and then airlines got rid of them. now they're back and one airline is charging more than all the
7:44 am
others. find out which one. >> very nicely done. good job, erin. >> go ahead. >> brian really wants to just produce. >> geithner says no but we believe him considering the way the government is spending money. >> very nice. >> steve, you want to take this? >> stuart varney from the fox business network is here. but first, the verizon -- >> how would you -- >> can you watch the channel? here's the question -- yellow one! ♪ blue one! red one! ♪ white one!
7:45 am
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>> all right. time for your news by the numbers. first, $8, that's how much you'll be paying for blankets and pillows when you fly on american airlines starting may 1st. that's the most expensive of all airlines for blankets and pillows. next, $78.5 million. that's how much the government is paying to control giant asian carps in the great lakes. environmentalists say carp could devastate the recreational fishing industry. >> i believe it's singular. >> and $650,000. that's how much a north carolina production company earned for that dorito commercial, the super bowl viewers watched and they voted it a winner. gretch, brian? >> all right. here's a big question for you, is the u.s. dollar in danger? >> is the united states going to lose this triple a government bond rating and what happens when the credit markets are no
7:49 am
willing to buy u.s. debt. >> absolutely not. that will never happen to the country. >> can he really guarantee, tim geithner, considering the way the government is spending our money right now. can he make that guarantee? >> gretchen never looked at me for these questions. >> stuart varney of varney & company, at the fox business network. you know gretchen would never ask me a question like that. she'd ask you a question like that. can he make that guarantee? >> no, he cannot. you cannot say that america will never lose its triple a gold plated rating status. you cannot say that. however, secretary geithner is absolutely right in saying that at this moment, not in the future but at this moment, money is flooding into america from europe because we are perceived to be the safest place on earth. the dollar is the best currency to be at the market, at this moment in time. it's not that we are strong, it's that europe is unbelievably
7:50 am
weak at this moment. >> so the question is asking about even losing the triple a ratings, what does it do to ask that question? >> that's a very good point. why is it that after all these years, we're out triple a gold plated credit rating was absolutely unquestioned suddenly it is being questioned and the treasury secretary of the united states has to respond to it. that's new in and of itself because our triple a credit rating is being questioned. moody's, this rating agency says look, if america doesn't get the deficit under control within five years, eight years, tops, we're going to have to look at your triple a credit rating again. >> and alan greenspan as well as the former treasury secretary said the same thing. but washington seems unwilling to make those tough decisions. >> look, the deficit is unpopular with voters. they're going to have to make those decisions. >> yeah, stuart varney make the decision to watch you on the fox business network and that's coming up at 9:20 eastern time, correct? >> yes, 9:20, varney & company.
7:51 am
>> i love how you keep your panel away from you. >> straight ahead, president obama says he's not giving up on health care. is it too late? a little too late -- whatever that phrase is. newt gingrich is here. >> plus, most teenagers sleep a lot. this 15-year-old sleeps for days. today is february 9th. on this day in 1983, the number one song was "africa" by toto. for me, it will always be number one. alright. that's great. i want to personally thank you for 100 calorie hearty chicken rotini. well, it'not just me. you're so funny. i like you. [ male annncer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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7:54 am
>> congratulations. meanwhile, a real life sleeping beauty. this isn't a fairy tale. a 15-year-old was recently diagnosed with a rare disease
7:55 am
that causes her to sleep for days. the condition is also known as the sleeping beauty syndrome. and doctors simply don't know what causes it. louisa joins us with her father richard from london this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> richard, when was the first time you realized that your daughter was taking naps that lasted not hours but days. >> it was back in october, 2008, and she had a bad flu virus. following this, she just started taking really long sleeps and we struggled to wake her at any time during the day. it was then that we realized we had a problem. >> i guess so. but, you know, being a parent myself, i would naturally think, well, it's probably related to whatever that bug was that she had. louisa, you have been -- you have taken a nap for as long as 13 days. when you were asleep for 13
7:56 am
days, what do you experience? >> i usually just really am not myself. i'm not really aware of what's going on around me. i'm usually only awake for about two hours a day maximum. and just generally sleep for most of the time and wake up and eat and drink and maybe have a bath or a shower. >> richard, as a father, you see your daughter. she's just in bed day after day for up to close to two weeks. i know you've sought the greatest medical attention and advice you can get, what do they tell you about how long this is going to last? >> well, at the moment, they're really unsure and they're saying that it could be between eight and 12 years before it burns itself out. but we're not pinning too many hopes on that. we pray each time she goes into a sleep episode, it's going to be her last but we live in hope.
7:57 am
>> before you go into another sleep episode and you feel like another one could be in the next number of days, how do you start to feel? does your body start to slow down? >> i generally just start to feel tired. i obviously start to become very blank and might take me a while to answer a question like my parents ask me a question, i may not reply or do what they want me to do straight away. >> and i understand, you know, your family has got to really shake you to wake you up and sometimes you don't even wake up at that. but once you do waken, once you do awaken, louisa, how do you feel? >> when i'm usually awake during an episode, i just kind of keep myself to myself where i make much conversation as anyone. and just generally not really aware of what's going on around me. i could be in the lounge and
7:58 am
people could be having conversations around me and i wouldn't be paying any attention. >> well, it is a crazy syndrome that a lot of people have not heard about. our best to you and your family and richard and louisa ball, thank you very much for joining us from london today to share your story. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. wow. meanwhile, straight ahead on "fox & friends", she was scorned and embarrassed in public by her cheating husband, south carolina governor mark sanford. should jenny sanford have known what was going on? >> a lot of these signs seem to appear almost immediately, even before you were married. that maybe mark sanford wasn't in this marriage as you thought he might have been originally. >> her response in gretchen's exclusive interview coming up. plus have you seen this? a mysterious sign that says miss me yet? who paid for that? the mystery behind that straight ahead. or over 50 years, providing you with safe,
7:59 am
reliable, high-quality vehicles has been our first priority. ♪ in recent days, our company hasn't been living up to the standards that you've come to expect from us or that we expect from ourselves. that's why 172,000 toyota and dealership employees are dedicated to making things right we have a fix for our recalls. we stopped production so we could focus on our customers' cars first. and technicians are making repairs. we're working around the clock to ensure we build vehicles of the highest quality... to restore your faith... in our company. for more information visit
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. we hope you're having a great day, tuesday, february 9, 2010. she was scorned, embarrassed in public by her cheating husband. but now jenny sanford is speaking out. >> clearly he -- are they still in a relationship now? >> gretchen: the answer to that question in my interview with the first lady of south carolina. >> steve: president obama says he's not giving up on health care and wants to bring the republicans into the room as well. and wants to televise it. but is it too late? newt gingrich is here to weigh in, just saw him in the green room with the next guest, brian. >> brian: really? >> steve: yes. >> brian: have your sweetheart eating right out of your hand. how to do that, master baker was here with cake designs you can do at home.
8:03 am
they repeated the name to me to make sure i didn't screw that up. i would have used a different phrase and reiterated that. our slogan comes from kevin in grand rapids, michigan. the thieves stole brian's underwear. will steve lend him some? will he care. >> gretchen: what? >> hello, you're watching "fox & friends." >> steve: , thanks, we've got to point out when brian was down at the super bowl, the rental car was stolen. he had some personal effects in the trunk. >> brian: gave me three different brand-new underwear. i said to myself, eventually i would like to wear all three. i'll never have that opportunity. plus an impala is missing in florida. >> gretchen: it's one thing i can't help you out with. your undergarments. let's start with a fox news alert. what do you think, steve? >> brian: i'm not sure.
8:04 am
i will say i haven't touched your underwear. >> gretchen: all right. somehow i got to do the news headlines after some of this talk. more troubles for toyota. they're recalling more than 400,000 prius and other hybrid vehicles world wide because of those braking problems. earlier the president of toyota issued another apology. >> let me assure everyone that we will redouble our commitment to quality as a life line of our company. together we will do everything in our power to regain the confidence of our customers. >> gretchen: prius owners in the u.s. will start receiving letters about the latest recall next week. the department of transportation says that concerned customers should contact toyota dealers in the meantime. residents of southern afghanistan are being warned to keep their heads down as the u.s. and nato plan to launch the biggest offensive of the afghanson war. the offensive is decided to root
8:05 am
out taliban stronghold. thousands of civilians apparently left the area. the offensive is expected to begin within the next few weeks. new information now on the death of pennsylvania congressman john murtha. fox confirmed that doctors accidentally sliced his intestine during gallbladder surgery leading to complications. he died yesterday after being admitted to the hospital last week. the democrat served 36 years in congress. he was the first vietnam veteran to serve and was known as an advocate for the u.s. military and also a staunch opponent of the iraq war. he also was damaged by ethics concerns. he was 77 years old. he pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. now michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, will have to return to court for a preliminary hearing. the judge did release him on $75,000 bond and ordered him to turn in his passport.
8:06 am
if convicted, he could face up to four years in prison. check this out. an eight-year-old oregon boy is suspended from school, all because of a four-inch plastic toy gun. the child got in trouble after showing the action figure to one of his classmates. portland school officials say the principal followed protocol, but the boy's dad says it was over the top. >> i mean, come on, it's obviously not a real weapon. i mean, yeah, like i said before, if it looked like a real weapon, i could understand. but come on, i mean, i fail to believe that can be actually perceived adds a real weapon. >> gretchen: his father intends to speak to the school board hoping the suspension won't go on his son's permanent record. those are your headlines. jeez, we had so many stories about this recently. i guess parents, don't let your kids bring these action figures to school. >> steve: zero tolerance, even if it's a fake gun they can get
8:07 am
in trouble. >> brian: my dad always got crazy when i played with g.i. joes. he said no dolls should play with dolls. we should go back to that. >> steve: you think so? >> brian: yes. it's not a doll. >> it's a poseable action figure. >> steve: listen to this, a brand-new rasmussen report poll out says that 78% of unaffiliated people who are not in line with the right or left, 78%, are really angry at government policies. a lot of you want the government to get stuff done and to do that, they're going to have to get together. they're going to have to do something, the republicans and the democrats. and so a lot of people are hoping, well, maybe something will happen if the president does this brand-new health care summit on television. >> brian: let's go to those poll numbers to reflect what you were talking about. it's really two polls. here are those who approve of the president's job performance, among independents.
8:08 am
this is what catapulted barak obama to the presidency. just 29% approve of the job he does. 10 more% like him as a person. they say change calls for the country. 45% say they see the change and others don't like the change. >> gretchen: the reason this is significant is because they used to be 20 points higher for independents. so in that approval rating, disapproval rating of 29% used to be 39% with independents. with favor ability, whether or not they like the president, it's now 39. it was 59% with the independents. so how will that reflect on this whole health care initiative? now that the president announced he will have this open summit, you'll see it live on tv on february 25. he's invited the republicans. but will they show up now? because yesterday john wayneer and erik cantor sent a letter to rahm emanuel and said would it
8:09 am
be possible to have 72 hours in advance and get a paper in front of to us find out what we're going to discuss and would it be possible to have some democrats in attendance who did not necessarily like the president's plan? listen, republicans do not want to have to roll over at this meeting and just take it. that's exactly what could possibly happen. >> brian: the president said specifically i want to know how 30 million more people are going to be with health care -- are going to get health care that don't have it now. i want to know how we're going to get health insurance companies to drive down those costs. so if they're asked those questions and the president sits there and answers -- lectures -- without a follow-up question, talking about real change, the president looked phenomenal at the retreat. that's his game. they will get the republicans are forced into that again, that could be a major political problem and bad for health care. in particular, they're going to send over things they usually put in front of the russians in the '80s and '90s.
8:10 am
we were trying to get deals on missile defense. they said, here are five things, can we get the president to agree on tort reform? can we get the president before hand to be able to go across state lines to get health insurance? can we get the president to start over? if he won't do that, why are we doing that, except to give the perception that the president is reaching across party aisles. >> steve: the white house said, we're not starting over. but then the republicans are thinking, we're going to be on television. we don't want to look like we're obstructionists. so in that letter that gretchen was referring to a moment ago, what they said was that we would be rightly reluctant to participate in the summit if you don't start over, which seems fair. i mean, look, if they're going to all get in the room and start wrestling over this thing again, start from zero ground. don't start, okay, we've got this, this, and that off the table. put it all back on the table. >> brian: it's not viral and
8:11 am
it's not a rumor. what am i talking about? >> gretchen: you're talking about this amazing billboard that has gone up along i-35 in my home state of minnesota in the tiny town of wyoming, minnesota. yep. that's what it says. the picture of george w. bush and it says in big letters, "miss me yet?" wow. the mystery is, who paid for it. >> brian: we still don't know for sure. is it a tongue in cheek? aren't you glad we have barak obama or aren't you glad now do you feel bad about saying the bush years were bad years? >> steve: right. that particular sentiment, i believe, started popping up on some t-shirts and stuff the week or two after obama's inauguration. the message has been out there for a little while. this is something where you would have to cough up some significant cash. it is interesting whether or not it is a pro-bush message or a pro-obama message. >> brian: very simple. that's money and whoever owns that thing rents it.
8:12 am
who did they rent it to? we'll find out. i'll put my best person on it. >> steve: who is that? >> brian: i have so many. i'll do a series of interviews. >> steve: have them find your missing impala. >> gretchen: and your underwear. it's the story we just told you. president obama will reach across the aisle in a health care meeting, but is it too late? newt gingrich is up next with his thoughts. >> steve: plus, they say the way to somebody's heart is through their stomach. so the cake boss from tv is here with some dessert decorating tips that will help make your valentine's day the sweetest yet. how you can do that. yeah, right.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> gretchen: as we've been discussing, president obama inviting members of both sides of the aisle to a health care
8:16 am
summit that will be televised later this month. is it a true push for bipartisanship? >> brian: newt gingrich is here. the republicans have a choice but to show? >> sure. i think the republican leaders in the house, john wayneer and cantor wrote a letter to the white house that's really clear and makes the right questions, will the president put his proposals out before the summit? will the summit, in fact, involve equal time and equal opportunity? will the president agree in advance that when this is not just a dog and pony show and they go back and run over the republicans on a truly party line vote? and i think that the key thing is if the white house is adamant as secretary sebelius says to stick with the current giant bill, then there is no point in meeting. the whole message from the country, the whole message from massachusetts was, 4500 pages, that's what the house and senate bill combined are -- is stupid. i mean, people don't want a giant massive government bill.
8:17 am
>> gretchen: doesn't that give the obama administration the opportunity to call the republicans the opportunity of -- >> right. if the republicans are cheerful and calm, they can say, look, we'll put all of our ideas out before the event. we'll be glad to promise you that we're going to work on new bills in a new way to get something positive done, but we're not going to let you use us as puppets so you can play a propaganda game when you have no serious intention of trying to work with us. and you can never tell with obama how much is real and how much is done for pr purposes. but the president, i think, has an obligation to say up front, one of the things they say is, so will all the meetings be on television? i'd come back and say, will the markups be out in the open? will the rules on the house floor be out in the open or is this all a game to get republicans brought in so they can ramp through a left wing bill and the republicans in the end will be forced to vote no
8:18 am
anyway. >> steve: so what happens? >> i can't tell. this administration doesn't seem to hear very well. you had poll after poll after poll. as you pointed out a few minutes ago, overwhelming majority of independents are angry at the government. you've had the results in massachusetts which 31 point swing, which was pointed out would mean potentially 150 democratic house seats are at risk. the country is pretty clear about how it feels. it wants a smaller bill, a more practical bill. it wants things down out in the open. i don't see any sense right now that the folks who are from chicago, which is the core of the white house, have any notion of why would you pay attention to the public? >> brian: what is your take on john brennan describing how the christmas bomber was handled as one of the key terror guys for the president? did he do a good job presenting the administration. >> the new book, according to disaster, pointed out that this administration itself said
8:19 am
bluntly, the new terrorism groups would not be required to mirandaize and mark had quotes directly from the "washington post" story in which they created these groups. so to say, they should have known we're going to automatically do this because we always automatically do it, but we announced we wouldn't automatically do it, but i find brennan to be troubling. i found him troubling a few weeks ago when he said we didn't have a smoking gun about this young man. when somebody's father calls the u.s. embassy and says, my kid is a little strange, off to terrorism camp, maybe you shouldn't give him a visa, that is a smoking gun. what more do you need to know you ought to be careful about this? >> gretchen: how disappointed are you that the whole thing has become politicized? the bottom line is we're here to try to fight terror and keep this country safe and now it's barbs going back and forth. >> senator feinstein has asked very tough questions. she got the most disturbing comment as a democrat who cares
8:20 am
a lot about this. she got the most, i thought, sobering comment the other day when she got the director of national intelligence blair to say he thought it was virtually certain that they would try to attack us again. the other point i would make that was a very tiny piece of the interview with brennan that people should be aware of, the chinese cyber warfare threat may be a bigger threat than terrorism because it has the potential for example, to take down all of our activities, has the potential to penetrate all of our secrets and the chinese have an enormous investment in cyber warfare. >> brian: ask those people in google who are freaked out. >> steve: straight ahead on this telecast today, finding out about heart disease is just the beginning. dealing with it is the hard part. a personal story coming up next from jamie colby and her husband on life after a shocking quadruple bypass surgery. >> gretchen: the beauty queen
8:21 am
trashed over her quote on gay marriage. now getting marry herself? who carey prejean is now engaged to.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> steve: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. the crew of endeavor will head to sleep in about an hour. i know you're just getting up. as they get ready to hook up with the international space station tonight. earlier the crew inspected the shuttle for damage from the launch, checking the thermal shielding on the wings and nose. endeavor is delivering a new room. it's a fixer upper in the space station. and wedding bells ringing for carey prejean. e news reporting she's engaged to st. louis rams quarterback kyle muller. the couple has been dating for a year and a half. congratulations to her. all right.
8:25 am
gretchen, over to you. >> gretchen: thank you, steve. eight years ago, internationally known oncologist and marathon runner suffered chest pains while here in central park running. four days later he went to see a doctor and told 95% of his arteries were blocked and he would have to undergo a quadruple bypass surgery. this began a long journey for him and his wife, fox news contributor, jamie colby. they share their story in back to life after a heart crisis and they're my guests this morning. good morning. mark, i have the opportunity to see jamie on a daily basis. so nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> gretchen: here you are, a physician, internationally known physician, a marathon runner, you're out for a run and gets chest pains. you go four days without getting professional help. >> that's the point. the point is here i am, i'm a doctor, i'm a teacher, et cetera, and i'm a runner. and i developed chest pains four days in a row, didn't think
8:26 am
anything of it, thought it was something else. took antacid and it was the fourth day when the pain radiated from my chest up into my chin that i knew that this was serious business. i almost then even continued to run because i couldn't believe that it was happening to me. >> gretchen: six months before, he had a stress test, clean bill of health. now you're faced with open heart surgery at this point in time. you go to look for guidance in a book. there is no book. >> i put my reporter hat on and i couldn't find a thing, gretchen. care givers are basically in charge because the patient, the minute they hear a diagnosis, whether it's heart disease or cancer, they can't make the decisions they need to. so we came up with this back to life plan, which is really our story, plus we include other people who came back to life. there are people in there i call the unbeatables, how they got their life back on track. mark wanted to live his life fully, so it's an insider's guide. we've really pulled the curtain back from the operating room to
8:27 am
getting your loved one home, what medications to take, and we couldn't find anything out there. so we felt we were really qualified to write this, a surgeon turned patient, and a reporter and a lawyer because there is a lot of tips in there on the things you need to know on how to preserve your job, your benefit, your disability. >> gretchen: i love the format because you give your story and jamie gives your advice. >> and our dog, who played such a role. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, how did this change you as a physician having gone through this? >> i think that one of the things that i didn't appreciate was post-operative pain and how to take care of patients. i talk to them differently because i've been through it. i prescribe to them differently because when i operate on them, i used to prescribe pain medication somewhat. i didn't understand how important it was. i didn't understand how important it was to get the entire family involved, which i
8:28 am
understood after this. i mean, i couldn't have done this without jamie because you need an advocate and if you do not have an advocate, you have to find one. your best friend, et cetera. >> the patient cannot do it alone. it takes to to make a comeback, no matter what your diagnosis, will tell you in eight steps truly to reclaim your life, to lift your spirits, and also the doctors appointments were so scary. can you imagine a doctor walking into their doctor's office and being left waiting. so some of the tips that i give you are referencing those are to get your doctor's phone number and e-mail if they don't give it, you get another doctor. make the first appointment in the morning. also for the recipes that are included in the book, i was a tv food network cooking show host, it -- mark loved macaroni and cheese. >> gretchen: it's a fabulous read and team work here. back to life after a heart
8:29 am
crisis. thanks for being my guest. >> thank you so much for having us. >> gretchen: her husband had a much publicized affair. now the wife of mark sanford speaking out about what's next. >> the jury is still out on the consequences. what should the consequences be for mark sanford? >> gretchen: jenny sanford's answer ahead in my interview. forget the super bowl. it's the puppy bowl? which cuddly guy won most valuable puppy? back in two minutes.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> steve: it's a chilly day throughout the northeast in the mid atlanta hispanic things are going to warm up a little later on. president obama summons top republicans and democrats to the white house this morning. they're going to be talking jobs and ways to get americans back to work. good morning to you, wendell. >> good morning. this is the first of the monthly meetings the president promised in his state of the union address would draw republicans into the decision making process after they complained of being frozen out of the debate on pulling the country out of the recession and reforming the health care system. the focus, as you say, jobs. republicans feel the president didn't spend enough time on that last year because he spent too much time, they feel, on health care. polls suggest a lot of americans agree with them. the president got high marks for
8:34 am
his appearance before the house republican caucus a couple of weeks ago. he took questions from republicans for the better part of an hour. the whole thing broadcast live on cable channels and saturday in a speech to democrats, he talked about changing washington's partisan tone. >> we need to change the way we work with the other party as well. i'm proud to be a democrat. i'm proud to be a leader of this great party, but i also know we can't solve all of our problems alone. so we need to extend our hands to the other side. we've been working on it. 'cause we're going to change the ways of washington, we're going to have to change its tone. >> the president is push ago couple of proposals. the white house said at least some republicans can get behind, one is a tax cut for small businesses that hire new workers or invest in plants and equipment. the other, a loan fund for
8:35 am
community banks that make loans to small businesses. at least republican leaders, however, have problems with both proposals. they don't like the tax cut proposal because it contains spending to extend unemployment benefits and they think the loan fund, which would come from repaid tarp money, should be used to pay down the debt. steve, brian? >> brian: we should change the batteries in the white house metal detector because a backhoe just made it through. what are they doing with a backhoe at the white house? >> they are moving a tree. only at the white house, i guess. can you actually get a shot of that tree, which is off to my left. that big tree over the truck, they are removing. >> steve: they would wait for a blizzard and an oncoming blizzard and that's the day they decide to move the tree? >> brian: health care makes more sense. >> steve: you got to figure that the decision to move the tree
8:36 am
was made months ago without the benefit of a weather forecast. they do not appear to have picked the best time to do this. >> steve: wasn't it george washington who dropped down a tree with a hatchet. >> brian: they made that up. >> they don't want to chop this one down, they want to move it. >> steve: all right. >> brian: he love when he says it doesn't appear to be the best time to move the tree. >> gretchen: tell us what you really think. very interesting timing. the graduate student from china charged with breaching security at newark liberty international airport is due in court today. he was arrested in january after being caught on camera ducking under a security ribbon in a restricted area to kiss his girlfriend good-bye. come on, guys, it was love. it delayed flights world wide over the busy new year's day weekend. the 28-year-old face has trespassing charge and a $500 fine. >> steve: he's lucky that's all.
8:37 am
meanwhile, nearly a month after that devastating earthquake in haiti, a month later, a 28-year-old man has been pulled out of the wreckage alive. these doctors seen here worked on him and believe he may have been trapped since the january 12 quake. meanwhile, aid groups launching an emergency vaccination campaign protecting against possible diseases. this as early spring rain threaten to create landslides and more health problems for the people of haiti. >> brian: mothers who have a baby later in life are shockingly higher risk of having a child with autism. that according to a brand-new study. it was found that the risks that moms have goes up with their age. so much so that women over the age of 40 are 77% more likely to have an autistic baby when women under age 25, the same study found that the father's age play has role. >> gretchen: forget superbowl xliv. how about some pooch play by plays straight from the
8:38 am
shelters. rescued puppies battled it out sunday. >> brian: michael vick? >> gretchen: o'brien. >> brian: what are they doing? >> gretchen: human umpires called plenty of fouls. talk about unnecessary roughness. in the end, the chihuahua pug took him the coveted mvp title. >> steve: looks like they're playing. that's cute. all right. speaking of playing, it looks as if jay leno and david letterman were playing quite well for the first time in about 18 years. they came face-to-face when they put together that commercial last night on his television show, jay leno explained what -- first we'll show you the commercial and then we'll give you the back story. >> this is the worst super bowl party ever. >> no, dave. be nice. >> he's just saying that 'cause i'm here.
8:39 am
>> he's just saying that 'cause i'm here. #. >> rob burnett, dave's producer called my producer and says, hey, dave has an idea for a super bowl commercial. so, all right. he tells me the idea and this is dave's idea. and i thought, that's great. 'cause you know, no matter what animosity there is among comedian, a good joke is a good joke. i get to new york and i have all this mustache and i pull up in front of dave's studio, we sneak in, even dave's staff. nobody knows anything about this. we shoot the commercial. i see dave and he puts his hat on and i shake hands. whatever happened in the last 18 years, it disappeared. it was great to see my old friend again. it was wonderful. >> brian: did letterman mention it at all last night the making of it? i know he had drew brees on. >> steve: also apparently they did ask conan if he would be part of it.
8:40 am
so it would have been conan, leno and letterman and oprah all on the couch. but he declined. he said he was busy wrapping up the "tonight show." >> gretchen: coming up on the show, her husband publicly admitted to an affair and now south carolina first lady jenny sanford is opening up. hear what she says about her husband and his mistress in an exclusive interview next. >> brian: and if you really want to impress that special someone this valentine's day, bake them a cake. tv's cake boss is here with decorating ideas you can ease leggett at home at his house and maybe your house.
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8:43 am
>> brian: michelle obama kicking off a nationwide campaign called let's move to fight childhood obesity. she explained the goal and the necessity of the program. >> the overall goal is very ambitious. we want to eliminate this problem of childhood obesity in a generation. one in three kids are overweight
8:44 am
or obese and we're spending $150 billion a year treating obesity-related illnesses. so we know this is a problem and there is a lot at stake. >> brian: not exercising in gym. joining us are two people who will be at the white house, curtis granderson and the president of the academy, american academy of pediatrics. he's not new to center field. he's just new to the yankees. first off, curtis, what's your connection here? there is no body fat on you. >> starting with my dad, he was a physical education teacher. so getting out and being young at an early age, all of this correlates me being here today, getting kids back active starting at a very young age, starting four, five, six years old and doing the things you don't think about, walking, running, riding a bike of. keep your heart rate up and finish it off with great nutrition. >> gretchen: what has to change
8:45 am
for kids to get off the couch? they're not born lazy. >> they're not born lazy. we need to have lots of opportunities for our kids to get out and be active. we have to have after school programs, gym programs put back into school. our neighborhoods have to be safe. >> brian: curtis, everyone wanted you on their team. what about for the kids that aren't, what can we do to get them playing? >> the big thing is you don't have to do physical activity that have to be involved with sports. i used to play hide and seek, riding my bike instead of getting a ride. all these different things don't necessarily have to do with being an athlete, but you can have fun and still keep your heart rate up and stay active and be outside and have a lot of fun doing it. that's the big thing. having fun and being in shape, all these are things you want to do as a kid. >> brian: what do you think of the yankees, they going to go undefeated with you? >> going to be tough. we played so many games. i think it will be tough. look for us to be successful. >> brian: i doctor, i think he
8:46 am
guaranteed a 162-0 season. doctor, great cause, thanks so much. good luck with the president today and curtis, congratulations are coming from detroit and i look forward to seeing you in yankee stadium. thanks. >> okay. thank you. >> steve: he wants a workout, he should help them move the tree. >> brian: that's why we have the backhoe. >> gretchen: remember last summer when governor mark sanford came home from argentina and gave that stunning press conference about his relationship with another woman. well, his wife had endured a lot of pain leading up to that and now she's written a book called staying true and had the opportunity to sit down with her >> you're always waiting for him to change careers, to come home and spend time with you and the kids. >> at the different stage, yes. the six years in congress i was as big a fan for different reasons. the simple notion that you wake up every day and if you are
8:47 am
stick to go your guns and not going along to get along, there are always people going to take you down. you have political enemy, even in mark's case, his own party and the other party. so there aren't many jobs where that happens. and perhaps i didn't do a very good job of helping him deal with those things emotionally. >> gretchen: as a woman i find it fascinating that i still hear you speak so well of him after everything that has happened. >> i think there is only one person that's responsible for the actions that mark made that brought down our marriage and that's mark. but in certain sense, i kind of understand because i watched it. i could see side by side, i could see -- i could pick up the newspaper in the morning and know he was having a bad day because somebody was unfairly picking on him for something. >> gretchen: the interesting thing to me was that the one thing that i got that held your marriage together was the loyalty and the values that you thought you shared and in the end, that is what ironically turned the whole thing upside down.
8:48 am
>> right. what held us together were our values. we had very common values. they were based on a basic decades long, thousands year christian tradition. and i think any marriage can work as long as you come back to that common bond and as long as your values are in sink. and you're right, but i did feel like the rug was pulled out from under me because in all walks of his life, he walks the walk and talked the talk. >> gretchen: i have to say, reading the back end of your book was a painful process as a woman reading it because when you find out the details of the length at which he went to to beg you to continue this relationship with another woman, i kept saying to myself, is this the day she's going to leave? many women feel trapped in a relationship for different reasons. in my case, we're in the governor's mansion. if i had picked up and left, i didn't want to be pegged with pulling his career down. >> gretchen: one of the things i think set you apart from so many other women who have gone through this publicly is that you were not standing next to
8:49 am
him at that press conference. was that a conscious decision that there was no way in you know what that you were going to be standing there? >> he never asked me to. frankly, i never asked it. -- considered it. had he asked me, i would have said no. >> gretchen: what do you think about the women who stood next this them? >> i can't judge. each situation is unique, like every marriage is unique. >> gretchen: was that the mark that you knew putting out all his feelings on his sleeve? >> no. no. >> gretchen: why did he do that? >> i don't know. you're going to have to ask him. >> gretchen: clearly he feels something for this woman. are they still in a relationship now? >> i don't even ask. i frankly don't want to know. i'm at peace with where i am and i'm moving on and looking forward to the future. >> gretchen: when you heard the word, soul mate, in that press conference, i think that that was the one thing that got american women's attention.
8:50 am
i can't imagine what that felt like as the wife. can you describe? >> awful. it was gut wrenching. >> gretchen: one of the most profound things you say in the book to me is, you can choose your sin, but you can not choose your consequences. you go on to say, mark chose his sin. but that the jury is still out on the consequences. what should the consequences be for mark sanford? >> you know, it's not my place to judge what the consequences are or to make it right. that's for the ultimate judge, our god and our lord to decide what the consequences ultimately are. >> gretchen: today, do you think he should have resigned? >> i'll let the pundits and everybody deal with all that. >> gretchen: do you think he should have been impeached? >> i probably would not have voted to impeach him. >> gretchen: did you have a conversation with him about writing the book? >> i've had sections i've run by him. >> gretchen: you read parts of the book to him before? >> uh-huh. >> gretchen: what was his
8:51 am
reaction? >> fine. there were instances i wanted to make sure i was describing something correctly and -- >> gretchen: anything you would have changed in the last year since this whole story unfolded? >> i would have changed some of the choices mark made. that clearly wasn't in my control. >> gretchen: good for you. >> no. it was a year i certainly don't want to repeat, but as with all trials in life, you know, the most important thing is what you learn from them and how do you grow from them. >> gretchen: what she says she held on to was friends, family and faith. >> steve: straight ahead when we come back, the world famous cake boss will have your valentine eating out of your hand. that's when we return in two minutes.
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>> steve: all right. welcome back. you know him from the hit show cake boss. he's here with decorating tips on what you can do at your house for valentine's day. good morning to you, buddy. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: nice to see you. that's one of the great things. it's something home made always stands out because it's like they took enough time to actually do it themselves. you're going to show folks how to do it cake boss style. >> exactly. >> steve: start small. >> i am. i try to make it kind of look easy. >> steve: i got to have one of those. >> you need a turntable, that's for sure. >> can you use your record player? >> no. what i'm going to do is just kind of squirt some icing, squeeze around. i make a pretty flower. >> steve: you make it look so easy. but that's years. a person would need a squeezy pastry bag. >> you need a scissor and this and a cup cake. the good thing is even if you
8:56 am
make this at home with the family, they don't look as nice, they'll still taste good. so you have some fun. >> steve: real briefly, you're going to be on the after the show show. tell us what you're doing with kelly ripa. >> today me and elect tree lux are teaming up and they have a site called where they have -- you can buy a virtual cake and they're going to donate a dollar for every cake towards ovarian cancer research. so there is a lot of good being done. >> steve: we'll continue the conversation in the after the show show. we'll talk about the cake boss show. more "fox & friends" in two delicious minutes.
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>> steve: decorating with cake boss. this is what it's supposed to look like. you said it looked like an artichoke. >> brian: i'm not sure what i'm


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